Vaughn David’s wood sculptures will be on display for purchase at Pacific Arts Market Gallery, 1450 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, beginning July 30th.
Vaughn David has worked for 13 years to build Vaughn David Studio, along with an immense stock of raw specialty wood and a studio shop that houses dozens of wood sculptures. The unique style in Vaughn David’s work has been enhanced by his Métis roots, using an ancient technique called freeform shaping.

This offering will be the first time Vaughn David’s work has been offered for sale, and the first offering will be five wood sculptures.

VDS 1036 Pearl Guppy Puppy
Price: $6,095.00

VDS 1047 The Shape of Ducks To Come
Price: $12187.50

VDS 1035 Napoleons Hat
Price: $2,843.75

VDS 1019 Heart of The Flame
Price: $5,687.50

VDS 1038 Juicy Lucy
Price: $6906.25

How do I create my wood sculpture?

The key to creating my sculptures is “working the wood” and aging the wood.  Working the wood requires patience, and spiritual presence.  Each piece of wood has a natural flow of grain, following this grain to its intrinsic essence is my art.
The process of working the wood is an ancient form of creating anything with raw wood, mostly with hand tools.  Each step is an art in itself.
  • DRYING and cleaning the wood is the first step, this step is critical, cleaning, stacking, and drying takes 1 year per 1 inch of thickness
  • ROUGH SHAPING is the 2nd step, this involves carefully gouging, grinding and chiseling
  • MEDIUM SHAPING is the third step, this involves grinding with finer tools, hand shaping, and rough sanding
  • FINER SHAPING is the 4th step, this involves smaller and finer power and air tools, hand sanding and applying oil between sandings.
  • ROUGH FINISHING is the 5th step, this involves small power and air tools, much more hand sanding and oiling.
  • MEDIUM FINISHING is the 6th step, this involves rough hand sanding and hand oiling
  • FINE FINISHING involves numerous steps of hand sanding and hand oiling
  • FINAL STEP involves finer hand sanding and hand rubbing oil.