We are so very excited to feature beautiful pieces by Vaughn David Studio in the Pacific Arts Market’s new Gallery!!

Vaughn’s indigenous upbringing and natural inclination have led him to create some stunning pieces, which you can view for the next four weeks at 1450 W. Broadway.

Artist Biography

I was raised from an early age in Coquitlam British Columbia; I also lived on or near the coastal waters. I am a self-taught West Coast sculptor with more than thirty-five years of experience working with wood in all its manifestations.
In order to create my freeform sculptures, I have searched local beaches, tree removal, and local forests. What I always seek is shapes with potential for dynamic form, shape, and grain. Concurrently I studied all characteristics of raw natural wood, I continue to learn the ways of the wood, the shaping, hand sanding, and hand oiling.
I have dedicated the last 10 years to cultivating all manner of evocative wood shapes. Upon acquiring the raw wood, my first step is to remove all bark, dirt, and rot. This first step varies in time due to the complexity and size. The first 2 years were devoted to the acquisition of pieces that grew in complexity i.e. from simple slab-odalisque shapes to dynamic three-dimensional sculptures.
I have learned the dedication required for relentless manual work, the shaping, sanding and oiling. The working to completion of a piece can take years. At any one time, I have a dozen or so pieces on the go. Therefore the last 7 years have been devoted to the making of my pieces.
My work is different from traditional carving, it’s found shapes that are refined by shaping to enhance the spirituality of the wood but respecting the integrity of the original shape. When I open my sealed aging room I am welcomed by ninety spirits that I consider friends.
Today we honor a National Day for Truth & Reconciliation.
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