Sculptured Arts Placement Program (SAPP)

Facilitating the possibility of a connection between the client and the sculpture

Launch date: December 1st 2022

Please contact us with your questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.  

Vaughn David
Vaughn David Studio
Phone: 1.604.417.0768 

Vaughn David Studio is pleased to announce our Sculptured Arts Placement Program (SAPP), Vaughn David brings you this unique service designed to offer our client’s sculptured art for their boardrooms, offices, lobby’s, and homes etc.  

The program offers exquisite wood sculptures of a subliminal nature; the sculptures are created by the talented Vaughn David whose work is generally recognizable but not understood.  The discordant shapes work in natural harmony with each other, Therein lays the sculptural artistry of Vaughn David’s work; each piece is rendered to its intrinsic essence.  

Sculptures created by Vaughn David are destined to be heirlooms, this is because the wood is live and the sculptures will live on almost forever, they become richer and more brilliant as they age, all sculptures are hot-iron branded for authenticity.  Clients who are candidates for the SAPP program will choose from hundreds of Vaughn David’s sculptures by visiting his studio, an experience that will most certainly draw you into the spirit and personalities of each sculpture.  

For inquiries about the SAPP program please contact Vaughn at we would be happy to answer your questions.

We will be donating 5% of the SAPP monthly fee or the sale of each sculpture in the program to help find a cure for cancer, donations will go to the BCCA British Columbia Cancer Association, Research and Development

Vaughn David

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Vaughn’s Bio: Re Cancer

By Vaughn David – November 19, 2022

Twelve years ago I went through some kind of breakdown, the path I was on reached the point of no return.  Events like a landslide on my land development project caused huge stress, it took 10 years to clear the debris that event left me to deal with.  The cobwebs from that event cleared in 2009, I was doing well, contracting myself to two of the largest developers in Vancouver.  

In 2010 I met a lady and we bonded famously which led to a living together arrangement.  The arrangement involved a float home that was owned by the lady, it was a party cabin so it needed major work to become our home. I invested my time and materials to create a beautiful place for us to live; this renovation was to be my 50% ownership. I completed the renovation in one year as agreed, and then we decided to list it for sale and upgrade to another float home.  The float home sold very quickly, for double what our investment was because of the extensive renovation I performed on it.

The sale proceeds went directly into the lady’s account because her name was on the title.  Two days later she moved out of my place and refused to share a nickel.  That was the point where my old life ended, however it’s also where my new life began. I decided to leave my contracting and development days behind and follow my dream of working with raw natural wood, making art and I haven’t looked back. 

It hasn’t been all rosy though, four years ago I was diagnosed with fourth stage prostate cancer.  The cancer had metastasized to my bones so it was inoperable and the doctors gave me one year to live, possibly four to six years with chemo and radiation. I thought about it and decided to offer myself into Clinical Trials, searching for a cure.

The clinical trials feel like I am doing something for mankind, hopefully the trials get us closer to a cure.  My present trial has given me a fantastic life; it feels like I haven’t missed a step, perhaps I gained a couple.  My positive attitude and righteous work regiment has definitely played a role in fighting the cancer.

I have been part of a clinical trial for the past two and a half years; I was told recently that I am the last person in the trial.  My tests and appointments consistently reveal positive results, my friends and associates are blown away by my accomplishments while my body is fighting the cancer.  My attitude is that cancer doesn’t belong in this body, go away, I have things to do.  This is all possible because of the high expertise of the doctors, the assistants, and the programs they administer.

Life is great today, I am the happiest I’ve ever been, my life is filled with good family and friends, total freedom and free of stress, I own a great sculpture studio overlooking a marina. I spend my days in the studio working out on wood sculptures in natural surroundings, what’s not to like?

Vaughn David