I’m excited for you to see and appreciate my take on the modern totem. The pole embodies my metis artistic sensibilities, and they guided me every step of its creation.  The configuration of shapes reveals the essence of life’s struggles, both mine and everyone’s

A Totem of Memories

This is a modern take on our traditional totems.  The life buds are emerging from within life’s energy.  The moment of understanding before the flight, is a classical reflection of the mother looking back at her own life.  The Corkheads come from the land of Palomino and she’s not too old to the moon.

The month of July

This sculpture in person the month of July 2022

Location: Pacific Arts Market Gallery,  1450 West Broadway, Vancouver BC to learn more about this beauty of nature

Wood species

Sculpture – Black Locust
Base – Gum Wood


Height – 94.5 inches
Width – 26 inches
Depth – 10 inches