Vaughn David Studio

Wood Sculptor

Generally all of Vaughn David’s work is recognizable, but not understood, the discordant shapes work in natural harmony with each other. Therein lies the sculptural artistry of Vaughn’s work; each piece is rendered to its intrinsic essence.

About my story

Sculptured Arts Placement Program (SAPP)

We will be donating 5% of the SAPP monthly fee or the sale of each sculpture in the program to
help find a cure for cancer, donations will go to the BCCA British Columbia Cancer Association,
Research and Development

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Revealing the intricate beauty of nature

The art exudes humor, whimsy, darkness, and mysticism. The natural organic shapes are life-affirming.  I have dedicated my life to becoming one with the spirit of the wood.

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“During the time I have known Vaughn; I have witnessed a profound transformation of grain depth and brilliance of color in the sculptures in the aging room.”

Gordon Hoye


Welcome to my world! A rebirth of ancient Metis wood sculpture

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